Pear shaped burgundy finger vibrator.

Climaximum - Coax


Ergonomic finger vibrator

The Coax finger loop vibrator lets your or a lover guide precision pleasure, complete with...
USB Charge
Waterproof IPX7
10 Speeds
Body Safe

Product Features

Finger Loop

Handheld pleasure comes easily with the finger loop, allowing you to play with full control. Simply slide your finger inside the stretchy loop, ideal for all body shapes and sizes, and guide the sensations. Use it to stimulate yourself or a partner from all angles across every erogenous zone.


Designed to fit your natural body shape, this ergonomic toy works with you to provide effortless pleasure. Handheld controls let you customise the sensations flexibly and without strain.

Supercharge Motor

With innovative, supercharged engineering, the motor delivers orgasms stronger than you’ve ever felt before, at even lower frequencies. This keeps the experience pin-drop quiet.

One Button Functionality

Focus on the pleasure, not the mechanics, with this simple one-button functionality. Press once for lower frequency, high sensitivity rumbles, or press repeatedly to reach the full orgasmic experience. Control vibrations and speed settings with one click. Perfect for beginners, one button does it all.

How to use Coax

Stimulate the clit in every direction

Shaped for your pleasure

Position the tapered tip against the clitoris for vibrating precision pleasure during a self-love session.

Target your erogenous zones

Handheld pleasure

Place your index finger inside the finger loop to allow for perfect positioning of the wand over your clitoris.

Tease your nipples for added pleasure

All-over sensations

Take the stimulation to other erogenous areas including your nipples. Use the finger loop for precision targeting.

Use the finger loop on her clit

Power her pleasure

Stimulate your lover’s clitoris from all angles with the ergonomic finger loop.


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