Quality at source

Innovation is what we're good at

The sex toy industry is often tarnished by poor manufacturing practices due to its self-regulatory nature. This means that many brands may put out false accreditation claims that assure safety and sustainability. At Rocks Off, we do things differently: carrying out independent lab testing on-site and working in sterile, clean environments, to bring you innovative market leading sex toys that everyone loves.

Orgasm perfect

Guarantee Quality Tested

A high-quality, pleasurable product is only as good as its safety. We run rigorous tests to ensure our products are body safe. This includes electromagnetic compatibility with pacemakers, as well as careful attention to toxic substances, sharp edges and waterproofing. Not only does this guarantee your safety, but your pleasure.

Unlike other manufacturers who white label their products, every one of our motors and patterns is unique. Each motor is perfectly weighted to achieve optimum orgasms, matching pitch and vibrations to your preferences. Our motors are made from premium metals, not nickel or cheap alloys. This makes for a stronger, longer-lasting product, capable of providing the strongest sensations.

Non-porous vs porous

Promised quality from design to production

Each of our products is durable, long lasting and kind to your skin. We use medical grade silicone, which is non allergenic and soft, free from cancer causing carcinogens. You’ll also find high-quality ABS plastic, a naturally recyclable material that’s non-porous. This means it’s non-absorbent and therefore incapable of harbouring bacteria. Many competitors use porous materials, which can house germs and potentially cause health issues.

Strong & recyclable

High-grade abs plastic

Every one of Rocks Off’s products is created in-house and we can trace every material, manufacturing method and piece of packaging. Rather than relying on cheap, harmful materials, we use premium ABS plastic. This is a form of hard plastic that is chemically inert, which means it won’t react with other chemicals and can be used safely with lubricants. It also makes it non toxic and non-absorbent, free from unpleasant thermoplastic or rubber smells.

What are phthalates?

No phthalates

Many cheaper sex toy alternatives rely on materials that can be harmful to our health. This includes phthalates, which are plastic softeners that have been proven to cause cancer, as well as neurological and reproductive problems. We take a zero-tolerance approach to phthalates, as well as TPE and thermoplastic elastomers.

"Unlike the majority of the sex toy industry, relying on factory new releases and marketing under their own brand, we make our own - promising the best quality."

Skin safe


Pleasurable experiences should be accessible to everyone, which is why all our products are non toxic and allergy-free. We do not use latex in our products, which is a common allergen and also porous, making it less hygienic. We’ve eliminated the possibility of cross contamination by not having latex anywhere in our factories.

In some products, we also use surgical grade stainless steel. This is a durable, safe alternative to cheap alloys and is kind to your skin. Like latex, we also ensure no nickel is used in our factories, as this can affect up to 15% of the population. For non-permeable, allergen free and skin-safe products, there really is no alternative.