Accessible panty vibe in burgundy.

Quest - Adventure


Accessible panty vibe

Get ready for a pleasurable journey, wherever you are. Adventure is an ergonomically designed rechargeable...
Waterproof IPX7
Remote Control
Body Safe
USB Charge

Product Features

Remote & Wrist Strap

Playtime shouldn’t be held back by mobility issues. This ergonomic remote and wrist strap is ideal for those who struggle with wrist flexibility and grip strength to hold and access the controls. Let your lover take control dialling up the tension from up to 10 meters away for handsfree play.


Pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes, so this stretchy, flexible material works with you. Perfect for stretching over the shaft or fingers, this accommodates all body types to maximise sensations. Easy-clean and soft, this is ideal for playtime between partners.

Large Raised Buttons

Personal playtime shouldn’t be hindered by tricky buttons. The large, raised button design is easy to access so you can control the pleasure from all angles. Ideal for users with visual impairments, this tactile feature lets you focus on the sensations, not the mechanics.

Discreet / Small

Big pleasure comes in small packages. This discreet design is ideal for playtime on the go, whether you’re carrying it around with you in a handbag or even in your pocket. Perfect for beginners, this unassuming, small toy stimulates both singles and partners alike.

How to use Adventure

Stimulate the clit in every direction

Shaped for your pleasure

Use the soft vibrating tip to gently guide over the clitoris for precision pleasure, enjoying additional sensations from the ribbed surface.

Pleasure for her erogenous zones

Handsfree bumping and grinding

Lay flat on a sturdy surface for the ultimate bump and grind against the vulva and clitoris.

Go handsfree with the remote control

Cheeky underwear play

Place the ergonomic vibrator inside your underwear and let it stimulate your clitoris as you tailor the vibrations with a remote control.

Pleasure the clit and much more

Go bigger

Position the wide head over your erogenous zones for a full vulva massage.


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