Black silicone cock ring with four accessible ring pulls to aid with application.

Quest - Elevate


Accessible silicone cock ring

With innovative, accessible application in mind, this non-vibrating cock ring uses stretchy soft touch silicone...
Body Safe
Waterproof IPX7

Product Features


Pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes, so this stretchy, flexible material works with you. Perfect for stretching over the shaft or fingers, this accommodates all body types to maximise sensations. Easy-clean and soft, this is ideal for playtime between partners.

Discreet / Small

Big pleasure comes in small packages. This discreet design is ideal for playtime on the go, whether you’re carrying it around with you in a handbag or even in your pocket. Perfect for beginners, this unassuming, small toy stimulates both singles and partners alike.


Ideal for sensitive lovers, the smooth finish allows your toy to glide inside you delicately or pleasure you externally. The strong, sturdy material offers stability, while the smooth finish complements water-based lubricants.


Perfect for pleasuring yourself outside the body, this toy glides effortlessly over the clitoris, nipples or shaft to guarantee mind-blowing orgasms. Use with a water-based lubricant and enjoy this easy-clean, body-safe toy time and again.

How to use Elevate

Let her enjoy a stronger erection

Go harder with the cock ring

Stretch the flexible cock ring over the shaft so you can both enjoy the feeling of a stronger erection while making love.

Go beyond the clitoris

Harder erections and better sensations

Let the soft texture pleasure her whole vulva as you wear the cock ring while making love.

Cover the shaft for harder erections

Take self-love to the next level

Place the stretchy ring over your shaft and for a stronger erection during a self-love session.


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