How we're sustainable

Promising a climate loving future

Rocks Off continues to lead the charge in sustainability, as one of few companies in the adult industry to use completely plastic-free packaging. We’re investing more in sustainability every day to help look after the planet as much as we look after our customers.

Sustainable packaging & materials

Choosing the right way

We’re proud to produce recyclable, biodegradable packaging that has been certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. Each product is packaged in cardboard covered in a biodegradable coating, all sourced from FSC certified suppliers.

Sustainability is a key consideration for our products as well. We use high-quality ABS plastic, which is widely recyclable, finished with medical grade silicone. Every product is non toxic, keeping both our customers and the wider environment safe.

"Altogether, we've managed to reduce our carbon footprint by a massive 40%!"

Less is more

For a better planet

Not only is our packaging plastic free; it has also been significantly reduced. Since 2020, we have reduced packaging volumes by 30% across the entire product range. This has reduced our company carbon footprint by 40%, together with our ongoing efforts to optimise delivery.

Our products are made to last, increasing product lifetime and reducing less plastic in the process. We contribute to WEEE recycling where we help you recycle products purchased directly from us if you have no access to a local recycling facility.

You can trust Rocks Off to lead the way in adult toy innovation. We apply this same forward thinking to the manufacture and packaging of every product, thereby reducing our impact on the planet.