Small discreet burgundy vibrator with a ribbed tip.

Climaximum - Mia


Discreet classic vibrator

Climaxium Mia guarantees pleasure with its ribbed finish and soft, silicone exterior. Small enough for...
10 Speeds
USB Charge
Waterproof IPX7
Body Safe

Product Features


Get more from your pleasure with the tapered end, ideal for covering a larger
surface area during solo or shared playtime sessions. The angled tip hits more
erogenous zones at once, allowing you to experience twice or even triple the
pleasure throughout the perineal, anal, vaginal and clitoral areas.

One Button Functionality

Focus on the pleasure, not the mechanics, with this simple one-button functionality.
Press once for lower frequency, high sensitivity rumbles, or press repeatedly
to reach the full orgasmic experience. Control vibrations and speed settings
with one click. Perfect for beginners, one button does it all.


Your toys should be as mobile as your passport – and just as discreet. This
lightweight toy fits neatly into handbags, hand luggage or backpacks to go and
come with you every time. It even features an innovative travel lock, so
subtlety is key. There’s no shame in pleasure wherever you are.

Discreet / Small

Big pleasure comes in small packages. This discreet design is ideal for playtime on
the go, whether you’re carrying it around with you in a handbag or even in your
pocket. Perfect for beginners, this unassuming, small toy stimulates both
singles and partners alike.

How to use Mia

Precision targeting for better orgasms

Power your pleasure

Use the pointed tip to gently glide over the clitoris for precision pleasure, adjusting
the vibration speed as you go.

Turn it up with nipple vibrations

Pleasure above the waist

Take control of your own pleasure and adjust the vibration settings for pleasure all over the body, including sensitive zones like the nipples.

Put the power in their hands

Give it up

Guide your partner to control the pleasure as they glide the pointed tip over your
clitoris for your handsfree stimulation.


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