Silicone clit suction vibrating toy in lilac.

SugarBoo - Peek - A - Boo


Lilac clit suction toy

Enjoy 2 in 1 pleasure with the SugarBoo Peek-A-Boo, offering air pressure and gentle sucking...
USB Charge
10 Speeds
Waterproof IPX7
Body Safe

Product Features

Air Pressure

Make your orgasms more intense with air pressure. Great for solo pleasure
experiences, the rumbly vibrations mimic oral sex to guarantee maximum clitoral
stimulation. Keep it to yourself or let a partner watch.


Designed to fit your natural body shape, this ergonomic toy works with you to provide effortless pleasure. Handheld controls let you customise the sensations flexibly and without strain.

Supercharge Motor

With innovative, supercharged engineering, the motor delivers orgasms stronger than you’ve ever felt before, at even lower frequencies. This keeps the experience
pin-drop quiet.


Why limit your pleasure to one erogenous zone? This multi-use toy is ideal for
stimulating all body types, shapes and sizes, as well as genders. Broaden your
horizons and open up your imagination to new types of play.

How to use Peek - A - Boo

Feel the sucking sensation on your clit

Just like oral sex

Position the opening over the clitoris for targeted stimulation and a sucking sensation, ideal for air pressured orgasms.

Take the vibrations all over

Sucking sensations for the nipples

Place either the suction opening or wide vibrating base over the nipple for extra

Put the power in their hands

Give it up

Guide your partner to control the pleasure as they glide the vibrating wide base over your vulva for your handsfree stimulation.


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