bullet vibrator

RO-90 Berri Licious


Small bullet vibrator

Choose your favourite or pick the whole set of RO-90mm bullet vibrators, available in a...


10 Speeds
Included (AAA)
Waterproof IPX7
Award Winning

Product Features


For sensitive playtime, the rounded end applies soft pressure to the most sensitive
areas of your body, including the clitoral and perineal areas. This gentle
rounded design is ideal for beginners or simply those who want to work their
way up with vibrators.


Perfect for pleasuring yourself outside the body, this toy glides effortlessly over the
clitoris, nipples or shaft to guarantee mind-blowing orgasms. Use with a
water-based lubricant and enjoy this easy-clean, body-safe toy time and again.

One Button Functionality

Focus on the pleasure, not the mechanics, with this simple one-button functionality.
Press once for lower frequency, high sensitivity rumbles, or press repeatedly
to reach the full orgasmic experience. Control vibrations and speed settings
with one click. Perfect for beginners, one button does it all.

Velvet / Matt Finish

The hygienic, easy-clean plastic is coated with a soft outer covering to assure
maximum sensitivity and soft, playful pleasure. Ideal for both internal and
external stimulation, it delivers high-intensity orgasms with a gentle,
non-intimidating feel.

How to use Berri Licious

Precision targeting for better orgasms

Power your pleasure

Use the pointed tip to gently guide over the clitoris for precision pleasure,
adjusting the vibration speed as you go.

Put the power in their hands

Give it up

Guide your partner to control the pleasure as they glide the pointed tip over your
clitoris for your handsfree stimulation.

Tease your nipples for added pleasure

All-over sensations

Ask your partner to tease you by using the pointed tip for targeted vibrations and
stimulation of erogenous areas such as the nipples.


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